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hex_community's Journal

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This community is for fans of Sky One's new drama, Hex. You can talk about the characters, the storylines, anything you want!! Please try to stay with the topic though, and don't abuse anybody's opinions!

If you wish to join then please complete this *Survey* by copying and pasteing it into the HEX Community. I hope there will be many Hex fans joining :D You can show your icons and banners anything you like. You are also free to write HEX FIC as long as you make it Lj-cut Basically your free to do and say anything as long as it is HEX related.

Name -
Lj Username -
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Where did you hear of HEX?
What makes you a fan?
Who is your favourite character? and why?
Why do you like HEX?
Why do you want to join this community?
What can you add to this community?
Why do you think this community needs you?
Do you think this community should have a RPG?

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Thank you.


Set in a remote English school, Hex is the chilling story of one girl's exploration of the supernatural and her own sexual awakening. Cassie is a shy student who discovers she is cursed by terrifying links to the past. Longing to be popular, but only truly loved by her best friend, Cassie will come to realise she possesses dangerous powers. Stalked by Azazeal, the leader of the Nephelim, it will fall to Cassie to fight against the powerful forces that threaten her existence.

It all started ......

Since 1733, when Rachel Wainwright, a women blessed with psychic powers married a rich slave trader, Thomas Mcrain, the family has been cursed by a supernatural and terrifying force that would torment them generation after generation.

Rachel Mcrain's experimentation with voodoo - the releligon of the slaves on her estate - led her to insanity. It was this insanity that ended in the eventual sacrifice of a Medenham servant girl awaking Azazeal, the leader og the Nephelim. The Nephelim are fallen angels, banished from heaven by god fot tasting the pleasures of mortal women. Azazeal had been waiting centuries for a sacrificial awakening and now was his chance.

Following the Mcrain bloodline through the centuries and the generations, long after Medhenham Hall was abandoned, the curse followed this wretches family from England to India, to the Antipodes and back destroying each poor woman who held these dangerous powers.

Through twisted fate and woeful luck, the direct relative of Rachel Wainwright, earned a scholarship at the college that used to be her descendants cursed mansion, the leader of Nephelim sleeps and waits to take a new soul and a new lover.

And so, in 2004, a lonely girl finds a strange clay jug in the derelict servant's quarters of Medenham Hall. The same clay jug used by Rachel to summon Azazeal, all thoes years ago. Azazeal had waited a long time for this girl.

The girls name is Cassie. Although she does not know it yet, she is the sixth - and last - of the Mcrain witches......

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