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Welcome To The Hex Community...

Hello everyone. I'm Jewelz and I'd like to welcome everyone who joins the HEX Community. I hope you will like it here. Before you start adding your posts on your favourite characters, storylines, and anything else you wish to post on here. Please remember to stay with the topic and and don't abuse anybody's opinions!

Also please introduce yourselves here and fill out the Survey surguested on the main HEX COMMUNITY info page. As will I.

Thank you


Name - Jewelz
Lj Username - embrace_love
Age - 31
Sex- female
Location - Kent

Where did you hear of HEX? I was watching sky one one evening and I saw this series called HEX I then watched it and have been a fan every since.

What makes you a fan? Well I'm a very new fan, but I will be buying the dvd when it comes out and I have made this community. I have yet to show my other ways of being a fan.

Who is your favourite character? My favourite character is thelma. why? I love her style, the way she dresses her wit and she is a ghost.

Why do you like HEX? I think its very errotic in someways and makes a change that the actors are all Englsih.

Why do you want to join this community? Cause I am the moderator, and without me there wouldnt be this HEX COMMUNITY:P

What can you add to this community? Well I'm hoping to make and add icons and banners and backgrounds and ofcourse HEX FIC and genral info that I can find out about the characters and series.

Why do you think this community needs you? I dont need to explain why. It just does.

Do you think this community should have a RPG? It's something in the pipeline right now. Needs to be discussed further when other members join.
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