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My intro and survey results

Name – Andy
Lj Username – andy_83
Age - 22
Sex- Male
Location – Stoke/Crewe

Where did you hear of HEX? - Sky One and one of my mates.
What makes you a fan? – The characters, storyline and the mythology
Who is your favourite character? and why? – Thelma because she’s cool and she’s a ghost! What more do I have to say!
Why do you like HEX? – The storyline mainly but the mythology is also really interesting.
Why do you want to join this community? – So that I can talk to people who also like Hex.
What can you add to this community? – Whit and a knowledge of the occult
Why do you think this community needs you? – Why wouldn’t you want me!
Do you think this community should have a RPG? - Yes
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