iiiisa (journeytorakuen) wrote in hex_community,


I've been meaning to join this for a while now. BBCA has been showing it recently.

Name - Lisa
Lj Username - journeytorakuen
Age - 17
Sex- female
Location - Texas, USA

Where did you hear of HEX? Saw a commercial on BBCA and thought I'd check it out.
What makes you a fan? supernatural creepy stuff and attractive British men. :D It's always fun to see characters from other shows too. Like "Harley" from Footballers wives. hahaha
Who is your favourite character? and why? Thelma is really caring and cool.
Why do you like HEX? I guess I need some eerie theme doses every now and again.
Why do you want to join this community? To discuss the show of course!
What can you add to this community? comments. ^^
Why do you think this community needs you? Didn't know I was needed. =)
Do you think this community should have a RPG? If everyone's up for it. I've never done one though.
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