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Name - Allison
Lj Username - lady_lyca
Age - 21
Sex- *looks under pants* Yep, female, just as I suspected
Location - Seattle, WA

Where did you hear of HEX? I saw a commercial on TV and thought it looked really good, so I recorded it, and now I am hooked
What makes you a fan?  The fact that I can't stop thinking about it and talking about it to my friends.  They complain now, I just need to conver them
Who is your favourite character? and why?  Cassie, I guess I feel like I can relate to her, although I do love Thelma
Why do you like HEX? because it is unlike so many other shows we get here in America
Why do you want to join this community? to meet other fans, I need to know you're out there and actually exist!
What can you add to this community? good discussion, and once I get MovieMaker, I am sure I will make some good fan vids,I watch enough of them
Why do you think this community needs you? you can never have too many fans in one place I say, and I don't clog with useless things, and I don't post unless I am absolutely sure it will benefit the community in some way
Do you think this community should have a RPG? if there's enough interest sure
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